Seminar 16th et 17th of October, 2023
  • Objectives: relaunch Fisuel after the Covid period and organize the work following the 3 orientations validated in 2023 General Assembly
    • Orientation 1 = Conformity of Residential Electrical Installations
    • Orientation 2 = Expectations of members on new domains of electricity
    • Orientation 3: Worldwide Influence of Fisuel’s image
  • The seminar allowed many Fisuel members to present their local situation in terms of electrical safety for the subjects below
Event in Lebanon Beirut during the 2019 FISUEL GAM – Electrical safety awards

7 presentations : Sustainable greenhouseSolar panelsSolar SystemsElectricity generationWind turbinesEnergy Storage SystemGo wind

Event in Côte d’Ivoire during the 2018 GAM

Securing markets in Africa: Divo Market – clic here

Event in Benin during the 2017 Africa WG meeting

Topic – clic here