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Enable more communication around the world for greater electrical safety.


Know the main lines of FISUEL for 2023-2026


FISUEL – Founded February 1, 2002

French Association law 1901, founded February 1, 2002.

Our origins

The challenges of electrical safety

  • Electricity plays an increasingly strong role in the world
  • The need for electrical equipment is increasing
  • Electrical installations and products or equipment are aging
  • Deception and electrical products with serious risks for goods and people, proliferate
  • Renewable energies occupy a strong place in the world

The findings

  • Checks on the conformity or safety of electrical installations are expected from many States
  • Some countries already have some experience in this area such as Consuel in France, Kesco in Korea Republic, Fésia in Japan…

Many exchanges from 2002

  • A great interest to share: a subject considered as essential, a common concern in new and / or old, reducing risks, informing and training
  • The desire to gradually converge on a certain harmonization of standards, methods and procedures
  • The value of reaching a recommendation from the European Commission on the principle of systematic or periodic inspections in old dwellings

A common will

  • Exchange, share experiences or solutions
  • Conduct a shared reflection
  • Have an addition of forces and intelligence, keep the contact established in the Fisuel intended to bring together national players, responsible for the safety of electrical installations, or wishing to get involved

The 1
st of February 2002, the Constitutive General Assembly of the FISUEL, held in Beirut, invited by OEA (Order of Engineers and Architects), bringing together 19 members, from nearly 10 different countries, elected its first President, Philippe André, President of CONSUEL (France)


The GAM (General Annual Meeting), takes place once a year between April and May.

It takes place over a week, integrating the meeting of the Board of Directors, the General Assembly, the meetings of the Working Groups, the symposium over 2 days directly linked to the themes, technical visits and a specific event such as the awards. in Beirut in 2019.

The Fisuel General Assembly brings together the 2 colleges:

    • The status of active member applies to any legal person in charge of a mission relating to the safety of electricity users.
    • The status of associate member applies to any legal person involved or interested in the safety of users of I ‘electricity and wishing to contribute to its development.

It meets at least once a year when convened by the President.

It determines the Federation’s policy, takes note of the activity report for the past financial year, approves the accounts for the closed financial year (N-1), gives strategic orientations and adopts the budget for the financial year (N) then sets the contributions for the year (N + 1).

The Board of Directors is elected for 3 years and is composed for the period from 2023 to 2026, of :

EDF (France), Presidency
CONSUEL (France), Treasurer
CONTRELEC (Republic of Benin),
COSSUEL ( Senegal)

COTSUEL (New Caledonia),
ICA Europe,

KESCO (Republic of Korea)

LBTP Sécurel (Côte d’Ivoire),
OEA (Lebanon)

PROQUELEC (Senegal),
UIE (International),

It exists 3 regional working groups

  • Africa Working Group led by Côte d’Ivoire
  • Asia Pacific Working Group led by Republic of Korea
  • Europe Meddle East led by France


Our Vision :
Safe, affordable and sustainable access to electricity for everyone in the world for Residential & Non-Residential

Our objectives :

  • Encourage compliance with standards (devices & installations)
  • Influence politicians and authorities to update their regulations
  • Impose initial and periodic inspections of installations
  • Contribute to the fight against non-conforming, high-risk products and counterfeits
  • Elaborate credible and sustainable statistics
  • Increase and discuss best practices such as qualifications, skills

Fisuel could help countries :

  • To set up a standardization system for electrical installations.
  • Aim for a harmonization of procedures for verification application of these standards.
  • Beyond borders, Fisuel thus contributes to the enhancement of the brand image of the entire sector: professionals who communicate and exchange around the same concerns and tend towards common references.


FISUEL is an international federation for the safety of electricity users. It is an association registered in France under the law of July 1, 1901 and governed by the latter and its implementing texts.