Our organisation

A general assembly composed of two sections:

  • Active members section
  • Partner members section

The Ordinary General Assembly  of members meets at least once each year when convened by the President.
At  the end of the period of office of the Directors, an election  is held for the new President, and at  his proposal, an election of Directors and Vice Presidents.
The General Assembly shall determine the Federation’s policy, take note of the activities Report for the year ended, adopt the budget for the following year and set the corresponding membership dues of the members.

The Board of Directors

  • PROMOTELEC (France), Dominique DESMOULINS, President
  • FESIA (Japan), Akio NAKAMURA, Vice-President
  • TECHNOLOGIE ZENTRUM (Cameroon), Désiré NANSI, Vice-President
  • PROQUELEC (Senegal), Malick DIALLO
  • LBTP Sécurel (Côte d'Ivoire), Jean-Claude KOUASSI
  • CONSUEL (France), Marc MASLOWSKI, Treasurer
  • COTSUEL (New Caledonia), Alexandre VIGIER
  • CONTRELEC (Benin), Mohamed SAIZONOU
  • IGNES (France), Sabah DOUDOU
  • KONSUIL (Indonesia), Mulianto GULTOM
  • SCHNEIDER-ELECTRIC (International), Pierre SELVA
  • UIE (International), Koen VAN REUSEL

The Board of Directors has full power to execute the Federation's purpose, to administer it, and to authorise all acts and operations that are not reserved to the General Meeting.

The Board of Directors is responsible for implementing the Federation's overall policy as determined by the General Meeting.

The Board of Directors shall approve the Federation’s budget and annual accounts, which will be submitted for approval to the Ordinary General Meeting.

The Board is composed of legal entities represented by physical persons, the Directors.

It includes at least 8 Directors and a maximum of 13 Directors and is composed as follows:


• 4/5 of Directors are elected from among the active members, who must be of different nationalities and states, including the outgoing President, the active President, and two Vice Presidents;

• 1/5 of Directors, among whom one Vice-president, are elected from among the partner members.


The application of this formula requires that the result be rounded to the nearest whole number.

The President and the members of the Board are elected by the General Meeting. The latter rules on the proposal formulated by the outgoing President of the Board as regards of his successor and of other Directors, which will have beforehand been fixed by the Board on the basis of candidates having put forward their applications, and according with the quorum and the majority conditions as mentioned hereafter. The elected President sets the functions of the other members of the Board and informs the General Assembly.

Term of office of Directors is  three years. With the exception of the President’s they can be renewed.